Polo Fieristico Milano

The Milan exhibition pole is the biggest and most advanced trade fair system in the world: the exhibition area is split over two large quarters linked together by the underground and able to handle in an excellent manner all the different trade fair needs for all the economic sectors represented.
The 2 quarters of Milan Trade Fair and Milan City Fair annually host more than 70 international and national exhibitions, leaders in the consumer goods, furnishings, fashion, technology and service sectors.
The Milan Trade Fair, with its 345 thousand square meters of gross covered exhibition space split into 8 huge, highly flexible pavilions will host the bigger exhibitions where logistics are more complex while; vice versa, Milan City Fair, with its 115 thousand square meters of gross, covered space and an important Congress Center, about to be enlarged, will carry on hosting the smaller shows or those that, for their features, need to be held in the city, like the fashion shows.

Fiera di Bergamo

The Nuovo Centro Espositivo di Bergamo (New Bergamo Exhibition Centre) has been planned according to the demands of modern exhibition principles. It is a multi-functional, innovative and technologically advanced centre equipped with all the technical services that exhibitors require.
Apart from trade fairs, the building can also host conventions, sporting, cultural and musical events.

Centro Fiera del Garda (Montichiari - BS)

Located in Montichiari, in the province of Brescia, the Garda Exhibition Centre's territorial reference catchment area also stretches into Mantova, Cremona, Verona and Trento, offering itself as a structure at the service of the whole benacense catchment area.
With easy access it is made up of 10 multifunctional halls. The area is also served by ample parking, a multi purpose sports complex with 2,000 seats, two meeting halls, a muslim area, shops, food areas and reception points.
Alongside the Montichiari Exhibition Centre is the Centre for Agricultural Services which extends over 14.600 fully covered sq metres.


The main shows are:

  • FIERA INTERNAZIONALE DEL BOVINO DA LATTE E NAZIONALE DELLA ZOOTECNICA E AGRICOLTURA - it is the biggest show dealing with bovine genetic selection in Europe.
  • VEGETALIA - it is the first Italian venture for an exhibition dedicated to professional people working in the  main vegetable food chain area.
  • CREMONA MONDOMUSICA - it is an exhibition where the most brilliant traditional crafts in the history of making stringed instruments are on display for musicians, makers, suppliers and lovers of emotion and atmosphere that only the best classical instruments can recreate.
LarioFiere (Erba - CO)

Lariofiere is a flexible and well designed building, well established in an area rich with potential and full of initiative. Lariofiere is a multi-purpose area, an established site for trade fairs and an ideal meeting venue for both companies and large public gatherings, a perfect showcase for introducing and marketing products, a clear choice for congresses, concerts and sporting, social and cultural events. With an exhibition area subdivided into three distinct pavilion areas and linked by a central walkway Lariofiere is able to host several events at the same time. In 2003 19 exhibitions took place, 2 on a regional level and the rest on a local level. There are several from the trade sector including catering, building, traditional skills, electronics, innovative technology, ecology and the environment, cars and wooden furniture assembly.

MalpensaFiere (Busto Arsizio - VA)

The complex is fully wired in fibre optics and has ADSL connections; it has a television studio and video projection facilities. It can hold conferences and meetings from 16 up to 2.000 delegates in an air conditioned area and concerts with more than 1.600 seats. There are more than 1.300 car spaces.
The centre's planned events include international and national conferences and exhibitions from the following trade sectors: Home Furnishing – Building – Machine Tools and general mechanics – Logistics – Agriculture and breeding – Horse Riding – Wedding attire and Services – Jewellery and Watches – Food Shows – Motor Shows – Sporting equipment.

Spazio Villa Erba (Cernobbio - CO)

Exhibition and conference centre for all conceivable major events: top of the range textile fairs, scientific-medical conferences, international institutional conferences, company convention and events.In July 2003 it hosted the European Conference on E-Government, the opening event of the Italian term of the European Presidency of UE. The centre is located in a nature park of some 110,000 sqm facing Lake Como.

Castello di Belgioioso (PV)

This trade pole is characterised by its uniqueness and strong originality; the Castello di Belgioioso is, apart from an opportunity to safeguard and protect the monument, a major result in applying new demands to the re-use of an old building. The guiding and inspiring idea for its use and planning shows the artistic and cultural heritage as a resource to be respected for future generations and a socioeconomic development motor for the territory and nearby population.
The Trade body boasts decades of experience; the planning of exhibitions has become a reference point for cultural promotion, tourism and economic development of the territory.

Centro Polifunzionale e Fieristico Palabam (MN)

A recent structure, opened in September 2005, Palabam is a multi-functional centre that can host a variety of events: sports events, shows and concerts, conventions and congresses, trade fairs.
Its strategic position – just as you enter Mantova, in the new Boccabusa shopping centre and Boma business park (Business Office Mantova) – makes it easy to reach and highly accessible; all the main services on hand nearby (banks, travel agent, shopping centre).
The structure also has a fitness centre with a well equipped gym.

Villa Castelbarco (Vaprio D'Adda - MI)

The main shows that take place here are:

  • ANTIQUARI IN VILLA - Antiques Fair
  • BIANCO&ROSSO - Food and Wine Show
  • CASAMBIENTE - Home and Garden
  • SPOSIDEA - Male/Female Wedding Fashion.
Fiera Millenaria di Gonzaga (MN)

Gonzaga is located in the centre of the Po Valley in the province of Mantova and it is easy to reach from the motorway A22 (exits of Pegognaga and Reggiolo/Rolo); the railway-line Modena/Verona (railway station in Gonzaga); the airports named "Catullo" in Verona and "Marconi" in Bologna and the main road 62 of CISA.
The Exhibition Centre extends over 160.000 sq. metres with 18.000 indoor and 50.000 outdoor, a meeting room with 150 seats, a multi purpose sports complex, typical restaurants and area used for artistic and cultural purposes.

Travagliatocavalli (Travagliato - BS)

Every year the fair area hosts the national TRAVAGLIATOCAVALLI EXPO. The event includes horse shows, morphological shows, horse-riding equipment marts, conferences, exhibitions and performances. The other exhibitions hosted are on a local level and they do not cover a particular merceological sector.

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