Forms: new web-based procedure

The new web-based procedure has been in effect since 1 January 2009, adopted to simplify administrative procedure related to:

  • notification of trade fair events to be held
  • request to attribute or confirm international, national or regional qualification.

The new web-based procedure was approved by the Regional Board with Regional Regulation no. 5 of 6 December 2008 published in BURL no. 50, 2nd Ordinary Supplement, of 11 December 2008 (amending existing regulation no. 5 of 12 April 2003 by adding Article 1 bis).

With DDUO no. 15353 of 18 December 2008, the Regional approved the forms accessible for preparation on line at

From 1 January, all the requirements must be fulfilled using the new procedure, which requires:

  • the on-line preparation of the forms
  • sending of a printed copy to Direzione Generale Commercio, Turismo e Servizi within 15 days from the request date.

To optimize the data collection on the performance of the trade fair sector in Lombardy and permit the preparation of statistical reports updated for the six-month period preceding that of publication, the organizers of trade fair events must complete and send on-line the "Form for collecting final data on international, national and regional trade fair events" within 30 days from the conclusion of the events.

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